Asian Wave 101 Episode August 17, 2016

Asian Wave 101, August 17, 2016 Show

4:01pm - 5:04pm

Ever wonder which Korean song was the most influential on modern K-Pop? Listen and find out! Also, a good balance of love songs from artists such as the talented Yoga Lin and Angela Chang. We hear from YG Entertainment's latest girl group, and Megan Lee rounds off the playlist with a highly inspirational track. All that and more on this week's Asian Wave 101.

Track Listing:

I Know!
Seo Taiji and Boys · Seo Taiji and Boys
Happiness For One
Sharon Kwan · Blossom
Courage To Remember You
Yoga Lin · Sell Like Hot Cakes
Black Pink · Square One - Single
Running In Circles
Cry of Silence · Influence
The First Page
Angela Chang · Head Over Heels
Old Habits Die
Cry of Silence · Influence
Think About You
Jun. K · Mr. NO?
Megan Lee · Stronger - Single