Asian Wave 101 Episode June 15, 2016

Asian Wave 101, June 15, 2016 Show

4:03pm - 5:01pm

Not as much music as usual this week, but I promise more next week. Khalil Fong is finally back after a year and will also be releasing a new full-length album after two years. EXO is bringing the new Trap and R&B fusion style. Jess Lee bringing a song more aggressive than her usual fare, and Pryde is back after a year-long hiatus. All that and more on this week's Asian Wave 101.

Track Listing:

Wu Kong
Khalil Fong · Wu Kong - Single
Get It?
Younha feat. HA:TFELT & CHEETAH · Get It? - Single
EXO · EX'ACT - The 3rd Album
I Dare You
Jess Lee · Love Storm
Pryde (as D-Pryde) · Canal & Richvale
Nuff Said
Pryde · I Don't Belong Here
Shut Up & Groove
Heize feat. Dean · And July