Asian Wave 101 Episode April 20, 2016

Asian Wave 101, April 20, 2016 Show

4:03pm - 5:06pm

This week on Asian Wave 101, I bring to you a mixture of different styles, from disco and funk to pop rock, as well as R&B and hip hop. Some of the artists you'll hear this week include the usually wacky and zany Block B, slowing it down and bringing the softer hip hop sound, and Hong Kong's pop diva G.E.M. with her usual strong vocals. Also in the mix, Chen of EXO in a collaboration with rapper Heize, and Taiwanese rock recording artist Alien Huang. Our Canadian artist of the week is Raiel.

Asian Wave 101's 2nd anniversary is May 1, 2016, but this year, I won't be here to celebrate due to commitments with work and school. I will be taking a four week hiatus, and will be back at the end of the next month. I want to thank you all, old and new listeners, for your support and sticking with Asian Wave 101 as long as you have. I'll speak to you again soon! ~ Steve

Track Listing:

So Good
Jay Park · Evolution
Lil' Something
Chen of EXO & Heize · Lil' Something - Single
Jolin Tsai · MUSE
I'm From The Stars
Alien Huang · Alien
Take Time
Raiel · MUSE - EP
Block B · Blooming Period - EP
Serpentine Fire
Raiel · Serpentine Fire - Single
Blind Spot
G.E.M. · Heartbeat
Hopefully Sky
Jung Eun Ji · Dreaming - EP
Khalil Fong · Back To Wonderland