Asian Wave 101 Episode March 30, 2016

Asian Wave 101, March 30, 2016 Show

4:01pm - 5:07pm

This week on Asian Wave 101, we have a variety of styles and sounds. From Jun Hyo Seong's dance tracks to hip hop with Paloalto, you'll find something you'll like. Also on this week's show, JJ Lin with another amazing audio experience with the dummy head recorded "A Song For You," and inspiring R&B sounds with Rosie Yang and Yu Feng. Our Canadian artist of the week is J.Reyez, Toronto-based hip hop artist. Special thanks to Ola from Soul Sandwich for dropping in and hanging out today.

Track Listing:

Love's Forever
Joanne Tseng (feat. A Qin of F.I.R.) · Love's Forever Single
Turtle Ship Remix
Paloalto (feat. G2, B-Free, Okasian & Zico) · Turtle Ship Remix - Single
Find Me
Jun Hyo Seong (feat. D.Action) · Colored - EP
A Song For You
JJ Lin · From M.E. To Myself
Work Hard
J.Reyez · Broken HeART
Feelin' Like
J.Reyez · In Timely Fashion
FIESTAR · A Delicate Sense - EP
Why Not Love?
Rosie Yang (duet with Yu Feng) · Unbroken