Asian Wave 101 Episode February 24, 2016

Asian Wave 101, February 24, 2016 Show

4:01pm - 5:03pm

This week, we have an interview with local singer, rapper and producer Raiel. The interview heard today is only a portion and the whole interview will be up on my SoundCloud soon. This week, we have Korean R&B singer DEAN, showcasing his diverse sound and adventurous collaboration with American singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger. Khalil Fong with his jazzy, and oddly upbeat break up song "BB88," Della with a familiar ballad track and Brave Girls bringing a new twist to the Korean girl group formula. All on this week's Asian Wave 101.

Track Listing:

No Way
Raiel · MUSE
Sleepless Night
Niko Sun · The New Classic
You Have Always Been Here
Della Wu · You Have Always Been Here - Single
I'm Not Sorry
DEAN feat. Eric Bellinger · I'm Not Sorry - Single
Khalil Fong · Back To Wonderland
Brave Girls · Deepened - Single