Asian Wave 101 Episode January 20, 2016

Asian Wave 101, January 20, 2016 Show

4:11pm - 5:06pm

A shorter show this week, my apologies once again!

This week, Zico of Block B going back to the basics with the hard hitting, gritty Veni Vidi Vici. Singer-dancer Niko Sun, part of a less common breed, bring the slick R&B feel, as well as Rosie and Landy Wen. Song Jieun of Korean girl group SECRET with Don't Look At Me That Way, a subtle yet powerful song about wanting to live life on one's own terms, away from scrutiny. Our Canadian artist of the week is Raiel, bringing the smooth and polished R&B sound, both contemporary and traditional. All on this week's Asian Wave 101.

Track Listing:

Give Me Another Chance
Niko Sun · The New Era
Sugar Free (Big Room Ver.)
T-ara · And & End
Veni, Vidi, Vici
Zico · Gallery - EP
Rosie · Unbroken
Raiel feat. Shad · Hybrid - EP
Take Time
Raiel · MUSE - EP
Don't Look At Me That Way
Song Jieun · 25 - EP
2PM · Grown
It's Alright
Landy Wen · Love Myself