Asian Wave 101 Episode December 16, 2015

Asian Wave 101, December 16,2015 Show

4:03pm - 5:07pm

This week is the countdown in no particular order of my top songs of the 2015 year. Simon Dominic bringing the nostalgic vibes of the West Coast, Khalil spreading the positive message of letting music transcend all. It was another great year for G.E.M., Primary bringing another slick production with the added bonus of vocals from ChoA of girl group AOA. Alaha Meiri brings the freshness to the mix. All on this week's Asian Wave 101.

Track Listing:

Forget About Me
Alien Huang · Alien
Love Game
Lim Kim · Simple Mind
SHINee · Married To The Music - The 4th Album Repackage
G.E.M. · Heartbeat
Around My Way
D Pryde · Plan A
Don't Be Shy
Primary (Performed by ChoA & Iron) · 2-3
Khalil Fong · Listen - Single
Alaha Meiri · CRAVE - Single
Won & Only
Simon Dominic feat. Jay Park · Won & Only