Asian Wave 101 Episode November 25, 2015

Asian Wave 101, November 25, 2015 Broadcast

4:00pm - 5:05pm

The first taste of hip hop music in a Chinese language this week, with Taiwanese group Da Mouth. Joey Yung has made her return to music with a new mini-album and A-Mei continues to dominate with her star power and strong vocals and sheer musicality. Also featured is Hyukoh, one of the hottest indie bands in South Korea right now. IU is back with a new album 'Chat-Shire' and the lead single '23' celebrating her transition from the teenage singing darling of Korea to a grown artist. P-Type, one of the originators in Korean hip hop, and another talented R&B singer-songwriter Xiao Yu from Taiwan are bringing more urban sounds. It was wrapped up with Toronto-based hip hop artist J.Reyez. All on this week's Asian Wave 101.

Track Listing:

Da Mouth · Back To The Future
Mr. Chu
Apink · Pink Blossom - EP
Time Lag 2
P-Type feat. Verbal Jint · Time Lag - Single
Joey Yung · Me, Re-Do
Comes and Goes
Hyukoh · 22
Give The Work A Break
A-Mei Chang · AMIT
IU · Chat-Shire
The Transition
Xiao Yu · One More Try
This Isn't Who We Are
J.Reyez feat. Jordan Lorenzo · This Isn't Who We Are - Single