Asian Wave 101 Episode September 9, 2015

Asian Wave 101, September 9, 2015

4:02pm - 4:59pm

9Muses - Glue-Glue - Single
Yen-j - Something-Thanksgiving
G.E.M. - The Long Distance-The Long Distance - Single
Day 6 - Congratulations-The Day
George Nozuka - You Are The Reason-Beautiful
Jess Lee - Laugh To Tears-Heaven/Cliff
SHINee - Married To The Music-Married To The Music - The 4th Album Repackaged
Yoon Mirae & Boys Noize - #Capture The City-#Capture The City - Single
Michael Wong - All That I've Loved-To Be Continued - EP

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Track Listing:

9Muses · Glue - Single
Yen-j · Thanksgiving
The Long Distance
G.E.M. · The Long Distance - Single
Day 6 · The Day
You Are The Reason
George Nozuka · Beautiful
Laugh To Tears
Jess Lee · Heaven/Cliff
Married To The Music
SHINee · Married To The Music - The 4th Album Repackaged
#Capture The City
Yoon Mirae & Boys Noize · #Capture The City - Single
All That I've Loved
Michael Wong · To Be Continued - EP