Asian Wave 101 Episode July 22, 2015

Asian Wave 101, July 22, 2015

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Jolin Tsai - Medusa-Play
Primary (Performed by Beenzino & Suran) - Mannequin-2-2
Miss A - Hush-Hush
Khalil Fong - Little Bug-Orange Moon
NS Yoon-G - Reason I Became A Witch-Neo Spirit
Raiel feat. Shad K - Angel-Hybrid - EP
Harlem Yu - Spring Mud-Harlem's Heaven
G.E.M. - Mascara-18...
Big Bang - Sober-D - Single

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Track Listing:

Jolin Tsai · Play
Primary (Performed by Beenzino & Suran) · 2-2
Miss A · Hush
Little Bug
Khalil Fong · Orange Moon
Reason I Became A Witch
NS Yoon-G · Neo Spirit
Raiel feat. Shad K · Hybrid - EP
Spring Mud
Harlem Yu · Harlem's Heaven
G.E.M. · 18...
Big Bang · D - Single