Asian Wave 101 Episode June 24, 2015

Asian Wave 101, June 24, 2015

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Elva Hsiao - Give Love A Vacation-Super Girl
Wu Tan feat. Gray - Lucid Dream-Zooreca
BESTie - Excuse Me-Love Emotion
Khalil Fong - Black White Grey-Dangerous World
Jolin Tsai - Dr. Jolin-MUSE
Gentleman's Vibe - Apartments-From Fist Fights To Pinstripes
AOA - Heart Attack-Heart Attack - EP
Leehom Wang - Mistake In The Flower Fields-Heroes of Earth
Jay Park - So Good-Evolution

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Last show from our old studio.

Track Listing:

Give Love A Vacation
Elva Hsiao · Super Girl
Lucid Dream
Wu Tan feat. Gray · Zooreca
Excuse Me
BESTie · Love Emotion
Black White Grey
Khalil Fong · Dangerous World
Dr. Jolin
Jolin Tsai · MUSE
Gentleman's Vibe · From Fist Fights To Pinstripes
Heart Attack
AOA · Heart Attack - EP
Mistake In The Flower Fields
Leehom Wang · Heroes of Earth
So Good
Jay Park · Evolution