Asian Wave 101 Episode May 13, 2015

Asian Wave 101, May 13, 2015

4:00pm - 5:00pm

VIXX - Eternity-Eternity - EP-Hyuk Shin, Deanfluenza, 2xxx!, DK, siyeonking!
Jolin Tsai - I Love, I Embrace-Play-Wei Li-an
Khalil Fong - Paris-Dangerous World-Khalil Fong
EXID - Ah Yeah-Ah Yeah-Shinsadong Tiger, Namking Nang, LE
Gentleman's Vibe - Cuffing Season-Baeside-Azel North
Cindy Yen - Fly Tonight-Fight For Love-Cindy Yen, Lin Wei-de
Loco feat. Crush - Hold Me Tight-Locomotive-Gray (Lee Sung-hwa), Crush (Shin Hyo-sub)
BoA - Who Are You-Kiss My Lips-BoA
Michael Wong - Crazy Memories-Crazy Memories-Michael Wong

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Track Listing:

So Good Instrumental
Jay Park · So Good Instrumental
VIXX · Eternity - EP
I Love, I Embrace
Jolin Tsai · Play
Khalil Fong · Dangerous World
Ah Yeah
EXID · Ah Yeah
Cuffing Season
Gentleman's Vibe · Baeside
Fly Tonight
Cindy Yen · Fight For Love
Hold Me Tight
Loco feat. Crush · Locomotive
Who Are You
BoA · Kiss My Lips
Crazy Memories
Michael Wong · Crazy Memories