Asian Wave 101 Episode November 26, 2014

Asian Wave 101, November 26, 2014

4:00pm - 5:00pm

BTOB - WOW-Press Play
G.E.M. - Bubbles-Xposed
Wang Feng - Free Like A Dream-Free Like A Dream - Single
SPICA - Ghost-Ghost - Special Digital Single
J.Reyez - Feelin' Like-In Timely Fashion
Crush (feat. Jay Park & Simon Dominic) - Give It To Me-Crush On You
Faye Wong - Red Bean-Sing and Play
2NE1 - I Am The Best-2NE1 2nd Mini Album - EP
Wu Yi Fan/Kris Wu - Time Boils The Rain-Tiny Times 3 OST

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Track Listing:

BTOB · Press Play
G.E.M. · Xposed
Free Like A Dream
Wang Feng · Free Like A Dream - Single
SPICA · Ghost - Special Digital Single
Feelin' Like
J.Reyez · In Timely Fashion
Give It To Me
Crush (feat. Jay Park & Simon Dominic) · Crush On You
Red Bean
Faye Wong · Sing and Play
I Am The Best
2NE1 · 2NE1 2nd Mini Album - EP
Time Boils The Rain
Wu Yi Fan/Kris Wu · Tiny Times 3 OST