Asian Wave 101 Episode August 14, 2014

Asian Wave 101, August 14, 2014

4:00pm - 5:00pm

IU - The Red Shoes-The Modern Times
Fish Leong - Occasional Showers-Love In Heart
Royal Pirates - Drawing The Line-Drawing The Line
Aaron Yan - Only See You-The Next Me
TimeZ - Hooray For Idols-Hooray For Idols
Red Velvet - Happiness-The 1st Single "Happiness"
Raiel feat. Shad - Angel-Hybrid
Yoga Lin - Romeo and Juliet Syndrome-Fiction
Infinite - Back-Be Back
Cyndi Wang - Chen Shu Fen Vs. Lin Zhi Hao-The 10th Cyndi

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Track Listing:

The Red Shoes
IU · The Modern Times
Occasional Showers
Fish Leong · Love In Heart
Drawing The Line
Royal Pirates · Drawing The Line
Only See You
Aaron Yan · The Next Me
Hooray For Idols
TimeZ · Hooray For Idols
Red Velvet · The 1st Single "Happiness"
Raiel feat. Shad · Hybrid
Romeo and Juliet Syndrome
Yoga Lin · Fiction
Infinite · Be Back
Chen Shu Fen Vs. Lin Zhi Hao
Cyndi Wang · The 10th Cyndi