Asian Wave 101 Episode July 10, 2014

Asian Wave 101, July 10, 2014

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Show Luo - My Queen-Lion Roar
AOA - Shake/Confused-Red Motion
Got7 - A-Got Love
A-Mei - March-Faces of Paranoia
Eric Nam feat. Hoya of Infinite - Ooh Ooh-Ooh Ooh - Single
4Minute - Volume Up-Volume Up
Cry of Silence - Old Habits Die-Influence
Khalil Fong - Special Person-Dangerous World
Elva Hsiao - Give Love A Vacation-Super Girl
TVXQ - Spellbound-Tense (Spellbound Repackaged Edition)

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Track Listing:

My Queen
Show Luo · Lion Roar
AOA · Red Motion
Got7 · Got Love
A-Mei · Faces of Paranoia
Ooh Ooh
Eric Nam feat. Hoya of Infinite · Ooh Ooh - Single
Volume Up
4Minute · Volume Up
Old Habits Die
Cry of Silence · Influence
Special Person
Khalil Fong · Dangerous World
Give Love A Vacation
Elva Hsiao · Super Girl
TVXQ · Tense (Spellbound Repackaged Edition)