Asian Wave 101 Episode June 12, 2014

Asian Wave 101, June 12, 2014 Broadcast

4:00pm - 5:00pm

IU - Good Day-Real
Harlem Yu - Can't Help Falling Love-Tidal Wave
Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips-Rise
Joey Yung - Sorry, I Love You-Moment
Aaron Yan - This Isn't Me-Drama
S.H.E - Warm Heart-Blossomy
Loco - Hold Me Tight-New Digital Single - Hold Me Tight
Kara - Step-Step
Block B - Very Good-Very Good
Leehom Wang - Kiss Goodbye-Heroes of Earth

Track Listing:

Good Day
IU · Real
Can't Help Falling Love
Harlem Yu · Tidal Wave
Eyes, Nose, Lips
Taeyang · Rise
Sorry, I Love You
Joey Yung · Moment
This Isn't Me
Aaron Yan · Drama
Warm Heart
S.H.E · Blossomy
Hold Me Tight
Loco · New Digital Single - Hold Me Tight
Kara · Step
Very Good
Block B · Very Good
Kiss Goodbye
Leehom Wang · Heroes of Earth