Asian Wave 101 Episode June 5, 2014

Asian Wave 101, June 5, 2014 REPOST

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Original post was cut off before the last song could be heard.

Jay Chou - Give Me One Song's Time-Capricorn
Wheesung - Day and Night-The Best Man
Miss A - Hush-Hush
f(x) - Rum Pum Pum Pum-Pink Tape
B2ST - Shock-Shock Of The New Era
By2 - Is It Like This-Paradise
Gentleman's Vibe - Bravo-From Fist Fights to Pinstripes
BiBi Zhou - Jealousy-Unlock
2NE1 - Fire-2NE1 1st Mini Album
Show Luo - Dance Soul Returns-Lion Roar Dance Soul Returns Encore Edition

Track Listing:

Give Me One Song's Time
Jay Chou · Capricorn
Day and Night
Wheesung · The Best Man
Miss A · Hush
Rum Pum Pum Pum
f(x) · Pink Tape
B2ST · Shock Of The New Era
Is It Like This
By2 · Paradise
Gentleman's Vibe · From Fist Fights to Pinstripes
BiBi Zhou · Unlock
2NE1 · 2NE1 1st Mini Album
Dance Soul Returns
Show Luo · Lion Roar Dance Soul Returns Encore Edition