Asian Wave 101 Episode May 8, 2014

Asian Wave 101, May 8, 2014

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Jay Park - Joah-Joah
Girl's Generation - Mr. Mr.-4th Mini Album 'Mr. Mr.'
Jay Chou feat. Cindy Yen - Smile-Opus 12
Dream Girls - Hear You Say-Beautiful Headlines
Wilber Pan - What Can I Do-The Story of Billy
Bumkey feat. Dynamic Duo - Attraction-2nd Single 'Attraction'
Song Ji Eun - Hopeful Torture-Hopeful Torture
Henry Lau feat. Amber - 1-4-3-The First Digital Single 1-4-3
Super Junior-M - Swing-The 3rd Mini Album 'Swing'
Wanting Qu - You Exist In My Song-Drenched

Track Listing:

Jay Park · Joah
Mr. Mr.
Girl's Generation · 4th Mini Album 'Mr. Mr.'
Jay Chou feat. Cindy Yen · Opus 12
Hear You Say
Dream Girls · Beautiful Headlines
What Can I Do
Wilber Pan · The Story of Billy
Bumkey feat. Dynamic Duo · 2nd Single 'Attraction'
Hopeful Torture
Song Ji Eun · Hopeful Torture
Henry Lau feat. Amber · The First Digital Single 1-4-3
Super Junior-M · The 3rd Mini Album 'Swing'
You Exist In My Song
Wanting Qu · Drenched