Arts Report Episode February 9, 2022

Let's do the time warp again! I Fundrive 2022

5:00pm - 6:02pm

IT'S FUNDRIVE* STILL!We started off with a shout-out to MOA because throughout Black History Month (February) they are admitting Black and African community members for free! We also shouted-out Farhaven, a local Vancouver band, because they are playing a gig on February 17th at the Koerner's Pub on UBC's campus. You also heard their latest single It's My Life so you get a taste of what their gig will be like! After the shout-outs Serra had her interview with Olivia C. Davies, the artistic director of O. Dela Arts and they talked about Matriarch Uprising. A dance festival happening February 14th to 19th! Our last shout-out of the day was for RE/PLAY, the digital platform of The Cultch on which they have different productions on demand and livestreamed. Finally, Lua and Serra talked about Rocky Horror Show, being put on by Studio 58. Spoiler alert: everything about it was amazing.

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Track Listing:

It's My Life
Farhaven · Single