Arts Report Episode September 8, 2021

We Might Go Over?

5:00pm - 6:15pm

Today we started with two shout-outs. Shout-out to the Fringe Festival! They are back and better than ever. You should also check out Wings Over Water (and tune in next week for an interview with the creators behind it). Our second shout-out went to "A Dream of A Woman" which is a new short story collection by Casey Plett. We continued our show with Serra's interview with Diane Currie Sam about a new musical in development, Olivia O. This was followed by an interview Deon did with Jesse Brown about the White Saviors podcast. Our last interview of the day was with Toph Marshall, artistic director of United Players of Vancouver and the director of Amphitruo. Amphitruo will be playing at the Jericho Arts Centre until October 3rd. Lastly, we had Jade's quick review of the Access Gallery's current exhibition.