Arts Report Episode June 23, 2021

Show of Interviews

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Today's episode was full of interviews! We started off with a quick shout-out to Interior Infinite, current exhibition at the Polygon which you can visit until September 5th, 2021. Right after we talked to curator Justin Ramsey about Interior Infinite. Afterwards Serra had her interview with Brian Postalian, producer of HIVE. We talked about HIVE 2021: Flight Paths which is a collection of twelve micro-performances that take place digitally between you and an artist from your own home, phone, or neighbourhood. Last interview on this week's episode was Serra's interview with Nightingale and Joshua Lam. We talked about Quarantine Qapsule, a Toronto based initiative that is now in BC, documenting the diverse Asian Canadian experience during COVID-19 through artistic mediums. Check out QQ at

Shout-out 02:19
Interview with Justin Ramsey 04:18
Interview with Brian Postalian 25:57
Interview with Nightingale & Joshua Lam 44:27