Arts Report Episode April 14, 2021

Let's Talk About Art Baby

5:00pm - 5:50pm

Today's show was a little more chill, a little less packed but triple the fun (because we talked to three people!) We started off the show with Serra's interview with Sandra Laronde, the executive and artistic director of Red Sky Performance. They talked about Red Sky's upcoming performance "More Than Dance, We Are a Movement" that's being presented within Digidance starting April 14th. We then continued with our shout-outs of the week. Shout-out to The Essentials, being presented by The Cultch (we're having a review next show!). Shout-out to also The Capture Photo Festival, make sure you check out the wonderful pictures across the city! Also shout-out to Deon, our new correspondent, for doing the shout-outs! To end the show we had Serra's interview with Kiran Bhumber and Nancy Lee about their upcoming exhibition UNION at the Richmond Art Gallery, launching April 24th!

P.S. Drink your chamomile tea kids!

Interview with Sandra Laronde 02:55
Shout-outs 20:51
Interview with Nancy Lee & Kiran Bhumber 23:06