Arts Report Episode March 31, 2021

Filled to the Brim

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Today's episode was packed! We started with a shout-out to the artist talk for Inaction presented by the Richmond Art Gallery. We also talked about Inaction with the curator Shaun Dacey in a previous episode so if you want more info on it, make sure to give it a listen! Our first interview of the day was with thisisisobel and played her new single "finally" which you can listen to on bandcamp! Our second interview of the day was right after, with Katie Cassady about Made in BC's 2nd annual creative residency. We then continued with a review of United Players of Vancouver's "Silent Sky", followed up by a review of "Shine True" which is a Canadian-American documentary series that celebrates the trans and gender non-conforming community by helping them overcome dysphoria and anxiety, and getting them to a place where they can freely and finally present the way they feel. Finally we had a review of "Imagine Van Gogh" which is an immersive gallery experience featuring Van Gogh's works.


Interview with thisisisobel 02:51
Interview with Katie Cassady 20:35
Review of Silent Sky 33:25
Review of Shine True 40:36
Review of Imagine Van Gogh 50:53

Track Listing:

thisisisobel · single