Arts Report Episode March 24, 2021

Throw it in the Mix

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Today's episode had a good mix of content, we started with a shout-out. Shout-out to Stories of Kindness is an interview series that is focused on spreading kindness, connection, and storytelling through children. Inspiring youth from across Canada were selected to co-host the series and were paired for these important conversations with celebrity guests and it is premiering on March 27th! After the shout-out, we continued with a review of "Out of Order" which was followed by an interview with Don Keistah. We also played their new single "Dandy on the Liquor" which is also part their upcoming album that'll be released this summer! We then finished off with a review of "Merritt Johnson: Love Song" at the SFU Galleries.

Review of Out of Order 9:47
Interview with Don Keistah 20:50
Review of Merritt Johnson: Love Song 39:44

Track Listing:

Dandy on the Liquor
Don Keistah · Single