Arts Report Episode March 17, 2021

Shout Out

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Today's episode had so many shout-outs! Shout-out to the annual Julboree Event is a music and art event organized on behalf of different charity organizations! Also shout-out to the Sonic Boom Festival features new music created by composers of British Columbia. The festival is rich in new and unique pieces by a variety of spectacular talent, all available online for free from March 23 – 28, 2021. Our final shout-out goes to Digital Moment at FLUX Media Gallery running from March 26 - May 21, 2021 in Victoria, BC. We also had an interview with Jim Smith about Digidance's second presentation "Joe" and a review of "White Rabbit, Red Rabbit".

Interview with Jim Smith 3:14
Review of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit 32:32