Arts Report Episode March 3, 2021

Love, Theatre

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Today's episode has so much theatre it's amazing! We started with a shout-out to Studio 58's "TomorrowLove" which we talked about with Ray Koh in an interview right after! Watch TomorrowLove for FREE at until March 7th. We continued the show with a review of "Mx", done by our new correspondent Henri! After Henri's review, we had Serra's interview with Jordy Matheson who is the producer of Virtual Humanity, presented by Zee Zee Theatre. Virtual Humanity is the online version of Human Library that Zee Zee Theatre has been holding at VPL up until 2019. Virtual Humanity will be held every weekend of March so get your day passes and enjoy one-on-one time with the "titles"! We finished off the show with a shout-out to the Polygon Gallery's new exhibition, Feast for the Eyes.
Also,Serra talks about her first review on today's show but apparently her first time going to a show for the Arts Report was 3 years ago today! Oh how time passes

Shout-out to TomorrowLove 02.16
Interview with Ray Koh 03.50
Review of Mx 21.36
Interview with Jordy Matheson 38.33
Shout-out to Feast for the Eyes 56.30