Arts Report Episode February 17, 2021

We Spoke With...

5:00pm - 6:00pm

...Myriam Steinberg, Farhaven and Fuyubi Nakamura...So many interviews in this episode! We started off with Serra's interview with Myriam Steinberg about her graphic novel "Catalogue Baby: A Memoir of (In)fertility" which is about Myriam's journey trying to have her rainbow babies! You can buy the book at We continued the show with Eva's interview with Farhaven who is a local band from Vancouver and they have a new album called Matchstick. We also played their song Hypothetical Girl before the interview so that should give you an idea of how cool their music is! Afterwards, we had a shout-out to Pi Theatre. They have 2 productions coming up in February and March and you should check them out at! We finished off today's show with Phoebe's interview with Fuyubi Nakamura who is the curator of MOA's new exhibition "A Future for Memory", this interview/segment is structured differently than the others so make sure to listen to it!

Interview with Myriam Steinberg 5:59
Interview with Farhaven 21:18
Shout-out 43:20
Interview with Fuyubi Nakamura 45:59

Track Listing:

Hypothetical Girl
Farhaven · Matchstick