Arts Report Episode January 27, 2021

A Little Bit Of Everything

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Today's episode started with an interview Eva did with Amy Kazymerchyk who is the curator of the Western Front's exhibition "Thought, Outside". Besides the exhibition, they also talked about podcasts Amy has been on so give them a listen after ours! After this interview, Silvana did her review of Polygon Gallery's "Alternative Gazes". We continued with another review, Serra talked about "She Sells Sea Shells" that's being put on by the United Players of Vancouver, watch at until February 14th! Lastly Serra talked a little bit about West Coast Chamber Music's latest concert "Trio of Trios". They were kind enough to let us play two of the pieces played at the concert, Wolf Moon and Thunder Moon by the Canadian composer Heather Schmidt. They are planning on having more concerts so keep an eye out at


Interview with Amy Kazymerchyk 2:22
Review of Alternative Gazes 20:10
Review of She Sells Sea Shells 34:55
Review of Trio of Trios 43:33
Wolf Moon 47:37
Thunder Moon 53:28

Track Listing:

Wolf Moon
Heather Schmidt · Lunar Reflections
Thunder Moon
Heather Schmidt · Lunar Reflections