Arts Report Episode November 25, 2020


5:00pm - 6:00pm

Today's show had 2 reviews and 2 interviews! (and some shout-outs) We started off with the first interview for the new podcast "Art Heals". Serra talked with musician and composer Elaine Joe who is hosting and interviewing different artists for Art Heals. After this interview we had Olivia's review of a short film called "Old Dog". This review was followed by the second interview of the day that Niko did with Paul Pearson about Lunatic Engine. The last portion of today's show was Serra's review and the shout-outs. The review was of Mary-Louise Albert: Solo Dances/Past into Present that is part of The Dance Centre's Global Dance Series. You can stream the dance show from December 3rd until the 17th, tickets are only 10 dollars! Our shout-outs to the Whistler Film Festival, they have over 89 films and it's all online! WFF will be held through the whole month of December! Second shout-out to Wajd-Songs of Separation. You can stream this film until December 9th and join their live Q&A on December 5th at 11 am. Our last shout-out goes to Studio 58's audio play showcase! Listen to short audio plays on Studio 58's website until December 11th!

Time Stamps:
Interview with Elaine Joe 7:56
Review of Old Dog 21:55
Interview with Paul Pearson 27:00
Review of Mary-Louise Albert: Solo Dances 45:05
Shout-outs 55:27