Arts Report Episode March 4, 2020

Get Ready for Some Dance

5:00pm - 6:00pm

We started our show by talking about Inheritance: a choose-your-adventure ( a pick-the-path) experience and we also had the chance to talk with Eugene Crain about it. After listening to this amazing interview, we introduced Riot Girls, a feature film that will be screening in the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival. Continued with an interview with Lauren Grant who is the producer of Riot Girls, we found out that she will be holding a Script to Screen workshop for the festival! After a quick ad and psa break, we came back with a shout-out to Broken Tailbone which is being featured in Boca del Lupo. In Broken Tailbone, Carmen Aguirre leads a public Latin American dance lesson, woven with hilarious stories of her experiences in the hidden world of dance halls in Canada. We finished the show with talking about even more dance, the Vancouver International Dance Festival that's coming up this weekend!