Arts Report Episode August 28, 2019

Last Summer Show

5:00pm - 5:55pm

We started the show with an interview with Ilana Zackon the director of "THE GREAT CANADIAN P-RNO: THE MUSICAL" which will be having its premier at this year's Vancouver Fringe Festival. We then did a shout-out to the Vancouver Soundwalk Collective Archive which will be having a soundwalk this weekend on Sept 1. Then we had another interview with Jill Lockley who is the writer, producer and is acting on the short comedy "Those Who Can't." The show is an absurdist comedy about trying to find a substitute teacher and will be shown at the Fringe this year. We ended the show with a review of "Coriolanus" which is the last show happening at Bard on the Beach this year. We ended the show with a preview of what is coming for the Bard's 2020 season, and a farewell to this amazing summer!