Arts Report Episode May 30, 2018

Cupid's Got a Gun, but Jake's Got a Mic

5:00pm - 5:58pm

We start off by interviewing Gail Suderman about Good Noise Choir's upcoming event, fusing jazz and gospel, with some digressions and examples of these genres in the following segment. We close with a review of Arts Umbrella's Expressions Fest features The Phoenician Women and Missing, and a shoutout to the Andy Goldsworthy documentary Leaning Into The Wind, coming soon to VIFF Vancity Theatre.

Track Listing:

Album Sampler
Milk Crate Bandits · In the Neighbourhood
Devil in the Woodshack
No Way · Live at the Nest
If You'se a Viper
Stuff Smith · Single
Cupid's Got a Gun
The Staggers and Jaggs · The Staggers and Jaggs