Arts Report Episode February 7, 2018

Brave New Play History, (presented by) a Jittery Blond

5:02pm - 6:08pm

To open the show, actor-director Frank Zotter and playwright Peter Takach swing by to fill us in on this year's Brave New Play Rites. Courtesy of Christine Kim, we have an interview with Julia Ullrich on Align Entertainment's production of Legally Blonde, as well as an interview with Deborah Pearson, the creator of the PuSh Festival's history history history. We close the show with correspondents Ileana De Soza and Lua Presidio, discussing the Arts Club's production of Jitters, the film Brasilia, the StoryHive webseries Luchador, Studio 58's The Skin of Our Teeth, and UBC Opera's La Cenerentola.