Arts Report Episode November 30, 2016

Come Find Us!

5:00pm - 6:03pm

The Arts Report is getting personal by sharing the exclusive list of events we plan to go review between now and Christmas LIVE on-air! We invite all of our listeners to come find us at any of the performances and productions we list, take a picture, tag the Arts Report (@artsreportcitr), and win a chance to be featured on our very last show of 2016. We will be taking a winter break from December 15 to January 10 but for our last 2016 show on December 14th, we want to feature the highlights of the year and have a voice from our very own radio audience with us to do that! So, take a listen, get a notepad ready, and... Come Find Us!

Track Listing:

Jasmine Flower
N/A · N/A