Arts Report Episode July 31, 2013

Arts Report 31-Jul-2013

5:00pm - 6:30pm

Flora from the Queer Arts Festival fills us in on upcoming events including the lesbian opera, "When the Sun Comes Out", & Yamantaka//SONIC TITAN. Sara reviews the Transgression Now art exhibit at the Roundhouse Community Centre and talks about "Beyond the Labyrinth: In Search of John Dowland", an event featured in the Early Music Society's Summer Festival.

Track Listing:

Bush Pilot
Superconductor · Heavy with Puppy
Feild of Stars
Oliver Schroer · Camino
Throw Silver
Mecca Normal · Dovetail
In Darkness let me dwell
Ellen Hargis · A Candle in the Dark
Kinnie Starr · L Word Soundtrack
Reverse Crystal
Yamantake/SONIC TITAN · YT//ST