ANoiZE Episode December 15, 2010

Broadcast on 15-Dec-2010

11:30am - 1:00pm

Artist, Title, Song,
Killing Joke , S/T, The Wait
Metallica, And Justice For All, Entire album in 5 minutes
Richard Pinhas, Metal Crystal, Paranoia
Stereolab, Not music, silver sands
Conrad Schnitzler, Con, Electric Garden
Emeralds, Does It Look Like I'm Here/, Genetic
Severed Heads , Blubberknife , Adolf a Carrot?
Fad Gadjet, Fireside Favorites, Pedestrian
Rhys Chatham, A Crimson Grail, #2,
Hobophobes, S/T, The Facts In The Case of M Valdemar,

Track Listing:

The Wait
Killing Joke · S/T
Entire album
Metallica · And Justice For All
Richard Pinhas · Metal Crystal
silver sands
stereolab · not music
Electric Garden
Conrad Schnitzler · Con
Emeralds · Does It Look Like I'm Here/
Adolf a Carrot?
Severed Heads · Blubberknife
Fad Gadjet · Fireside Favorites
Rhys Chatham · A Crimson Grail
The Facts In The Case of M Valdemar
Hobophobes · S/T