ANoiZE Episode September 12, 2007

Broadcast on 12-Sep-2007

11:30am - 1:00pm

Guitar based noise including Bison, High on Fire, Mono, Lightning Bolt and a really bad joke about pirates.

Track Listing:

The Evening Sun
Shin Jung Hyun and the Men · Woman of the Evening Sun
Dracula Mountain
Lightning Bolt · Wonderful RAinbow
Lesson # 1
Glenn Branca · Lesson #1
Corpus Callosum
Nonloc · Between Hemispheres
Three Nipples on her Hand · Operation Sunflower
Rainbow Room
Alexandro Jodorowsky · The Holy Mountain Soundtrack
For Reverend Green
Animal Collective · Strawberry Jam
Eric Copeland · Hermaphrodite
Stone In
Guru Guru · UFO
The Curse
Bison · Earthbound
High On Fire · Death is This Communion
Mono · Gone
The Gift
Velvet Underground · White Light White Heat
Naked In The Afternoon
Jandek · Ready For the House