ANoiZE Episode September 5, 2007

Broadcast on 05-Sep-2007

11:30am - 1:00pm

Sonic Youth covering Neil Young sounding like Kraftwerk...Liars sounding like JAMC...Animal Collective sounding like The Residents...Necronomicon sounding like nothing you've ever heard before.

Track Listing:

Computer Age
Neil Young · Trans
Computer Age
Sonic Youth · Daydream Nation Re-issue
Freak Out
Liars · Liars
Never Understand
Jesus and Mary Chain · Psychocandy
When You Sleep
My Bloody Valentine · Loveless
The Dock Yard
Wendy Atkinson · Pink Noise
Animal Collective · Peacebone 10"
Residents · Petting Zoo
Eric Copeland · Hermaphrodite
Bordeaux Bordom
Torngat · You Could Be
Side Two
Nurse With Wound/Whitehouse · 150 Murderous Passions
Boy, Was I Mad!
Kinski · Down Below It's Chaos
In Memorium
Necronomicon · Tips Zum Selbsmord
There Is No Other Place
International Harvester · Sov Gott Rose MArie
Liver Juice Vending Machine
Foodbrain · Love Peace and Poetry Japanese Psychedelic Music
Arzachel · S/T