Andyland Radio with Andrew Willis Episode March 10, 2019

Mar 9, 2019: Fill-In Show

8:00am - 10:01am

Nothing is perfect early in the morning, and neither is Sunday Mornings with Andy. Add some energy to the start of your day with music by The High Curbs, The Pierce Kingans, Wrecked Beach, TV Party, The Jins, Whisperdisco, Part Time, The Lunchtime Band, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, Sleepy Gonzales, Crocodylus, and Landmark 20. Later in the show, the tea is spilled and someone is getting burned when Emily Ewing calls into the show for Andy and Ymmy's morning check in.

Track Listing:

I Know
The High Curbs · Tommy
Its Bleed To Long
The Pierce Kingans · A Pierce of Cake
Lost In Thought
Wrecked Beach · Lost In Thought
TV Party · E.P. #1
She Said
The Jins · She Said
This Is This
Whisperdisco · Whisperdisco
Shattered Love
Part Time · Spell #6
California Sand
The Lunchtime Band · The Lunchtime Band
Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper · A Star Is Born Soundtrack
Lucky Charmzzz
Sleepy Gonzales · Lucky Charmzzz
Christian Syrups
Crocodylus · Christian Syrups
Chuck Ferold
Landmark 20 · Chuck Ferold