All Awesome In Your Ears Episode April 11, 2010

Transmission #42

8:03am - 9:20am

MBot and SBot were sad that they didn't make it to the final step of the Word Game Poetry Project last transmission.
So they decided to play again.

The Shins - "The PAST and Pending" (Oh! Inverted WORLD)


Local Natives - "WORLD NEWS" (Gorilla Manor)

- NEWS -

Modest Mouse - "The Good Times Are Killing ME"
(Good NEWS For People Who Love Bad News)

- ME -

TV on the Radio - "Wolf Like ME" (Return to Cookie MOUNTAIN)


The Unicorns - "Ghost MOUNTAIN"
(Who WILL Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?)

- WILL -

Yeah YEAH Yeahs - "Head's WILL Roll" (It's Blitz)

- YEAH -

The Rapture - "Whoo! Alright YEAH... Uh Huh" (PIECES of the People We Love)


Junior Boys - "Bits & Pieces" (Begone Dull Care)

- & - (which brings us back to...)

Neutral Milk Hotel - "King of Carrot Flowers Parts 2 & 3"
(In The Aeroplane Over The Sea)

** For the record, that makes the two of us CHAMPION BOTS.