All Awesome In Your Ears Episode March 15, 2009

Transmission #20

8:03am - 9:20am

1. Dan Deacon (of course) - "Get Older" (Bromst)

who toured throughout 2007 and 2008 with

2. Girl Talk - "Don't Stop" (Feed The Animals)

who did a remix of "Knife" by

3. Grizzly Bear - "While You Wait For The Others" (Veckatimest)

and because Grizzly Bears have

4. Handsome Furs - "All We Want Baby, Is Everything" (Face Control)

one half of which is made up of Dan Boekner, who is also in Wolf Parade with Spencer Krug. And Spencer Krug is also a member of the ultimate Canadian indie supergroup

5. Swan Lake - "Spanish Gold, 2044" (Enemy Mine)

who are on Jagjagwar with

6. Minus Story - "The Way Beyond" (My Ion Truss)

who recorded their latest album at Electrical Audio in Chicago where

7. The Owls have also recorded - "Channel" (Daughters and Suns)

who are on Magic Marker Records with

8. Hello Seahorse! - "Won't Say Anything" (Hoy A Las Ocho)

who are playing the South by Southwest Festival this year, where

9. Matmos played last year - "Rainbow Flag" (Supreme Balloon)

who played at the Big Ears Festival this year in Knoxville with

10. Dan Deacon - "Woof Woof" (Bromst)

Bonus "Let's Get New Dan Deacon Out Of Our System" Tracks:
11. Dan Deacon - "Wet Wings" (Bromst)
12. Dan Deacon - "Snookered" (Bromst)