All Access Pass Episode March 31, 2016

Sexuality & Disability: Part 2

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Part two of a ~sexy~ two-part series: This week we zoom in to get a closer look at the topic of sexuality and disability! Mollie and Spencer interview Trish St. John, founder of Sensual Solutions; an organization that provides intimacy services and education for people with physical disabilities in Vancouver. Katie follows up with some coverage of an artistic performance called 'Sins Invalid' and Deepi talks about other resources that exist in Vancouver. Why is there so much stigma around sexuality and disability and what problems arise from the associated misconceptions? What on earth is intimacy coaching? You'll have to hit play on this week's podcast to find out more!

Track Listing:

Love is Louder
Craig Cardiff · Love is Louder
Exactly Nowhere
Gene Perala · Exactly Nowhere
Petal Off · Shame
Black Bird on Fire
Amelia Curran · Spectators
Us Broken Hearts
Billy the Kid and the Southside Boys · Ours