Albion Episode February 9, 2016

Albion: Episode 12

2:00pm - 2:59pm

Sachin returns with a whole heap of new and exciting bands from both sides of the Atlantic. Including a section devoted to Brighton's overflowing scene.

Track Listing:

Not Even Lovers
Easy Kill · Sermons
Dumb · 7-11 Single
Triple Water
Les Chaussettes · Les Chaussettes
Pictures of You
Tiger Cub · Pictures of You
Black Honey · Madonna
Let It Go
Manuka Honeys · Let It Go
Us And Them
Thyla · Us And Them
We Could Be Alone
Tuska · We Could Be Alone
I Lied
The Jins · The Jins - EP
Tell You Off
Tough Customer · The Worst Demo
jo passed · Out
What Do You Do It For?
LOU E · What Do You Do It For?
drink p
Late Spring · Late Spring
Alpha Maid · Sublime