Albion Episode January 12, 2016

Albion: Episode 8

2:00pm - 2:59pm

Sachin is joined by good friend Jack Kelly, star of "Over The River And The Woods" opening at the Metro theatre of 16th. He brings with him 5 of his favourite tracks from British and Canadian bands. There's also the usual mix of the best new music coming out of the UK along with the most exciting Canadian artists. Sachin also pays tribute to the late great David Bowie.

Track Listing:

Kate Tempest & Loyle Carner · SW009
Lost Boys
The Courtneys · Lost Boys (Single)
I Wanna Stay Away
Black Tambourines · I Wanna Stay Away - SIngle
Live Tonight
Sleaford Mods · Key Markets
Gaps · In, Around The Moments
Call On Me
The Jins · The Jins EP
Winona Forever · Yacht Rock (EP)
Alas Salvation
Yak · No! - Single
Black Honey · Corrine
Come To Me
Les Chaussettes · Les Chaussettes
cop daddy
Kiss Painting · crowded with fluorescent hum
David Bowie · Blackstar
David Bowie · Hereos