African Rhythms Episode March 15, 2019

Mike and David 1998 last 90s show together

7:35pm - 9:01pm

Here is a 1998 CITR Show Mike and David did togerher ..possibly the last show of the 90s together

Track Listing:

warm weather
pieces of a dream · s/t
Juanita Dailey · s/t
Change Places
jeffree · s/t
Love Loan
jeffree · s/t
I Want That Love Back
George Jackson · s/t
if only we had met sooner
linda jones · s/t
azymuth · s/t
baltimore oriole
Lorez Alexandria ?– · s/t
dave pike · s/t
what you see is what you get
pretty purdie · s/t
Emílio Santiago · s/t
Roll On The Left Side
Knut Kiesewetter Train · s/t
Onkel Joe
Catch Up! · s/t
elis regina · s/t
Corrida De Jangada
elis regina · s/t
if you want a love affair
jesse james · s/t
people power
billy paul · s/t
liove from the sun
norman conners · s/t