African Rhythms Episode January 25, 2019

Jayson Hoover and Mike and David

7:35pm - 8:56pm

n this show Jayson Hoover ( local soul legend) is our Guest and Mike Ingram is back from Philly!...its an all Deep and Northern Soul Special ...including Jayson Hoover live in 1967 doing Marvin Gaye, 4 Tops and Temptations...We start with unknown Bill Withers and Al Green, .we get to play Gene Chandler, Chuck jackson, Big Maybelle, all classic R+B Northern...Later, David Ruffin and Bobby Taylor are featured and Jerry Butler

Track Listing:

make me smile
bill withers · s/t
strong as death sweet as love
al green · s/t
96 tears
big maybelle · s/t
since i lost my baby
jayson hoover · s/t
jayson hoover · s/t
I Can't Help Myself
jayson hoover · s/t
nothing can stop me
gene chandler · s/t
your turn to cry
betty lavette · s/t
hand it over
chuck jackson · s/t
jimmy mack
lyn brooks · s/t
jennelle hawkins · s/t
is this the way to treat a girl
The Hesitations · s/t
gonna fix you good
little anthony · s/t
there are roses somewhere
bobby taylor · s/t
i`m so in love with you
bbby patteson · s/t
freedom train
the trials of jayson hoover · s/t
i rode by the place
david ruffin · s/t
walk easy son
jerry butler · s/t
brazilian rhythm
earth wind and fire · s/t