African Rhythms Episode September 14, 2018

August 17, 2018 TRIBUTE TO ARETHA FRANKLIN and more

7:47pm - 8:57pm

Yes indeed Aretha has passed away so here is my heartfelt tribute...we start with 1956 live and play material from all her greatest years..including interviews and quotes.. RIP . Later in the show we cover some jazz , gospel and Brasilian

Track Listing:

Never Grow Old
Aretha Franklin · · live 14 yrs old
Oh Baby
Aretha Franklin · Let Me in
Call Me
Aretha Franklin · This Girls..
With Pen In Hand ( PIano Solo Edit)(
Aretha Franklin · dlj edit 2018
More Than Just A Joy
Aretha Franklin · 1979 Almighty Fire)
Rock Steady
Aretha Franklin · 1972 Young Gifted and Black) LP
Save Me
Aretha Franklin · 1967 I Never..)
Music Of My Mind
Jazz Liberatorz · · s/t
Poem For Aretha
Nikki Giovanni · s/t
·Ain`t Got Time
Roy Ayers Ubiquity · s/t
Love Song
Lani Hall · s/t
At The Hotel
Eunace Collins · s/t
Jorge Ben · · s/t
Remember Who You Ar
Sly Stone · s/t
Heavenly Places
Soul Liberation · s/t
·One Step Ahead
Aretha Franklin · s/t
children of the universe
sadaka · s/t