African Rhythms Episode June 15, 2018

return to soul, jazz and more

7:59pm - 9:00pm

Hey Friends...This time some Jazz Soul and the usual array ..hip hop beats...a nice return to soul. Curtis Mayfield and Leroy Hutson from Chicago...great new trk from brasil.." Sonziera" nice remake of " Southern Freeze" from the UK something spiritual and new from Jessica Lauren a wonderful jazz Trk.. with a touch of Jobim!

Track Listing:

Mysterious Lady
norman riley · s/t
kickinit alone
keifer · s/t
don blackman edit
madlib · s/t
simply macrame DLJ Edit 2018
bobby rodriguez · s/t
Eddie You Should Know Better
curtis mayfield · s/t
so much love
leroy hutson · s/t
gotta get away
sheree brown · s/t
in the thick of it
brenda russell · s/t
omar · s/t
southern freeze
sonziera · s/t
come dance with me
eddie harris · s/t
Beija Flor
jessica lauren · s/t
prince · s/t
black five
Roy Ayers Ubiquity ยท · mystic voyage