African Rhythms Episode March 16, 2018

Jayson mike and david 2017 June

7:35pm - 8:56pm

Mike, David and Jayson Hoover , jayson is a legendary local soul singer This show was a real labour of love. and a epic one to edit and mix.....not only do we have Mike Ingram back from philly but jayson Hoover. The Vancouver Soul Legend gets deep into the history about The Epics, The Trails Of Jayson Hoover, Anvil chorus, all local groups Jayson led . WE get deeper into the local history Sy Risby and The Night Train Review are mentioned Reyal Johnson a local Soul Funk artist is also mentioned and we drop his boogie funk classic - get up off your feet!!..WE start out the show in usual Mike and David fashion with some killer Jazz and Soul ..Eleanor Mills and Dee Dee Bridgewater

Track Listing:

Now I Sleep
Dee Dee Bridgewater · s/t
Find Me, Love Me
wee · s/t
I'm Just An Average Guy
The Masqueraders · s/t
Concrete Reservation
Syl Johnson · s/t7)
How Can I Love You
Eleanore Mills · s/t
Its Growing
Jayson Hoover And The Epics · ( Live From The Grooveyard 1967)
Knock On Wood
Jayson Hoover And The Epics · ( Live From The Grooveyard 1967)
Out in the Country
Bobby Taylor · · taylor made soul
The Trails Of Jayson Hoover · · s/t
Ain't Love Wonderful
Chuck Flintroy / Sy Risby / Night Train Review · s/t
Get Up On Your Feet
Reyal Johnson · s/t