African Rhythms Episode October 20, 2017

fresh mix...Jazz Brasil Soul

7:36pm - 8:56pm

starting with essential Coltrane - Alabama ....the Will Sessions 45 is fresh fun soul in modern day .. interesting new music from Blameful Isles and Jazz and Webster Station was made in 1979 KIller! .. spiritual dance with Jax Transit Authority and samuel jonathan good ..what a groove.. ...peace david

Track Listing:

john coltrane · s/t
wilson des neves · som quente das
maria domingas
jorge ben · s/t
sunset on the street
sunao wada quintet · four scenes
vry blk
jamila woods · s/t
lets straighten it out
gwen mccrae ยท · lets straighten it out
trying to survive
harvey scales · s/t
shake your body - edit
manu johti · s/t
if you feel like dancing
webster station · s/t
Life Is a Miracle
Jax Transit Authority · s/t
Blameful Isles · This Heart Of Our Heart
true story
will sessions · s/t
sweet love
samuel jonathan johnson · s/t
e um barato
fatnotronic · s/t
wilson des neves · s/t
anubus · s/t